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First Time To Table Rock


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im from mount vernon and always go to stockton lake.fishing there has not been good i was wondering if you guys could help me out somewhere on table rock?we fish for crappie and walleye im used to fishing in timber or bridge peers are there any good spots to set boat in and catch some crappie and walleye,thanks

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Pretty tough go of it down here compaired to stockton. As Fin said, you may find a few, but it it much different fishing. There are some eyes around the bridge at 86 from time to time, but mostly K's.

If you go up there, put in at Eagle Rock and try the bluff bank across from the ramp and the bluff bank across from Devils Dive Resort. There is quite a bit of pole timber for the crappie and some cedar.

For the walleye, I would work more toward Big M on the gravel flats and drag a crawler rig in 25 to 30. You will still catch bass and have a shot at an eye.

Another alternative is to go to Truman. Word has it they are having the best White bass and Hybred Fall season in history. Of course Crappie are always available.

Good Luck

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