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Elk River system - I found 7 carp heads in the water. It looks as if they were cut off but I'm not see any scales or bodies nearby or downstream. This seems to have happened yesterday and I could not find sign of people having trampled or littered, etc. As much as I want to say this was a huge bird, lol - it seems that someone may have killed some carp . . . I have never seen this before and sure not on the stream anywhere. I'm just looking for some feedback because I in speaking with someone who also fishes this area has also noticed that this pool where I found the carp heads has not been very productive this year. I am in agreement and have seen a few folks take more than his lawful share of bass . . . is it someone killing carp or perhaps taking them for a meal??


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Good lord, looks like spontaneous head popping off.

Or more likely they were legally gigged during the now open gigging season.

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I saw a pretty good pile of fish fileted, or with heads cut off like that, just a few feet in the water right on the boat ramp of an access like a year back. At the time I wasn't sure what was going on, then I heard some of you guys mention similar stuff with giggers fileting/cleaning the things right then and there.

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Looks like some redhorse got stuck by giggers. Tasty little suckers. Looks like they might want to refine their cleaning method- lot of meat left around the heads.

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