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I'm in the market for a lake lot...possibly a house. But I'd really like to build a cabin on the lake at some point. I'd like it to be not much farther from downtown rogers than Rocky Branch. I have an uncle with 5 acres and a dock somewhere near Rambo creek. I don't know much about lake property. I have a good bead on the dock market and have a line on a couple of private dock options. Here are the "musts"

- must be lake front OR a short walk/golf cart ride from property line to corps easement

- must be "dockable". I don't know if there are some areas where you can put docks and some you can't, but I get the feeling that's the case. I have dealt with a number of private dock issues in my practice so I understand they aren't doing new permits, but I can get a dock. I don't want a membership in a community dock. I want MY dock.

- must be buildable which by implication includes access to sewer or something that would qualify for septic. They call this perk testing, right? Also would need electric or be close enough to run it and get a good deal on a great property.

- must be about 20 minutes from downtown Rogers. I suppose this is the most flexible criterion, but I'd like to be able to at least entertain the idea of living there some day, and while I love the idea of living in the middle of nowhere, I love my girlfriend more and her family is between Centerton and Gravette and her office is in Bentonville.

I'd like to have a few acres and I've watched the listings I could find. I haven't seen anything that really fits the bill yet but maybe something will come up. I really don't want to be in a "neighborhood." I'd like to have the illusion of solitude even if I have neighbors.

I have some clients with spots up on the north side of the lake, but that seems to far for me. I really like the Rocky Branch area and how close it is to the Hobbs arms of the lake that are so pretty and undeveloped. I'd like to be on the clearer part of the lake so I don't really want anything south of Monte Ne.

I'm dreaming at this point, but if the right spot came up I'd pull the trigger.

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There are a few around PC and Rocky Branch. Been seeing a few signs here and there, if it was me I would look at buying a lot and buidling on it so you get what you want on the lake. Other option is I know some have done is buy in the old town section of Rogers anything from 8th street East to 2nd street. The old craftsmen homes are great, still close to the lake only about 10minutes to a couple ramps.

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