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Any Bass Reports?


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Finally get a chance to head back down to Pomme this weekend to do some bass fishin. So I was wondering if the bass have started moving back in the coves or if they still more on the main lake? Also wondering if anyone knows how Shriners tournament turned out last weekend.

Thanks for any info

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Thanks for the info Dutch wasn't Shure if water had cooled enough to start moving them to backs of coves or not.

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We went down a week ago. Fished pretty much the whole Lindley and a little bit on the Pomme side. Water clarity was pretty good a long way up on the Lindley side. We caught about 20 fish. 5 best keepers were aroudn 9. Caught them on a lot of different baits in a lot of different areas - never really dialed in to one bait, one location, one pattern (pretty random). Found a few areas loaded with shad but that didn't seem to make a huge difference.

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