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Lake Dardanelle


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Heading South next week to Lake Dardanelle to fish a State BASS federation tournament and was wondering if anyone is familiar with the lake and had any suggestions on what to use and what to look for when fishing it.

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fish the backwaters bc the main river is likely void of any current.

Topwaters around stumps and grass is a good way to cover lots of water.

Swimming a jig is another.

You can fish too deep on that lake but never too shallow.

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TrophyFishR is right on, Sprint. The lake level can vary day to day depending on flow, but If the water is up in the grass, the bass will be, too. Spinnerbait, square bill or swimming a jig thru the grass will get you bit. Also, do not pass up any isolated piece of wood ... stump, laydown log, etc. These isolated pieces will hold good fish.

Have fun and do well.


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I fished the BFL Regional there last year. Don't forget to take some watermelon red senkos If they back off the square bill and swim jig. I tied on one when the others slowed down and the bites picked up.

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