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The Big M 10/19


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Jeb is back from his vacation so I fed him a line about all the 4-6Lb bass I've been catching on TR. He fell for it and I was able to get him out there on this chilly and windy day.

We started out fishing some main lake pockets and windy banks, got a couple of fish but not much action. We then started fishing coves and picked up one here and there, mainly mid cove, Jeb was doing most of the catching on a paddletail soft bait and I picked up a couple on a t-rigged Senko. Jeb did get a couple of keepers on the paddletail.

We got into the back of a farily deep and narrow cove and saw some topwater activity, Jeb picked up a couple on the paddletail, and got big fish of the day, about a 2.5 lb LM on the A-rig. Started seeing fish and shad on the depthfinder in about 20 FOW in that cove, so put the drop shot on them and did fairly well for a while, around 20 fish, all 12-14" drop shot spots.

We ended up with a little over 30 fish, with 4 keepers. Mainly on the Drop shot, paddletail, senko, and two on the blade.

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Thanks for dragging me out there, Jeff! :D Had a great time. Nice to see a couple of nicer fish come over the side, too! I thought we had a great day for cold front, big NW wind blowing kind of day.

John B

08 Skeeter SL210, 225F Yamaha

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