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Lost On The Way From Stockton Lake

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Anyone finding a red Mustang with the initials J.E. on the from in black magic marker please contact me. There is a reward. It looks like Ieft it laying in the boat when I left Stockton on Thursday. It will have a Yamaha stop lanyard (kill switch cord) red coiled attached to it.

Thank you!


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JE - I had to read this a few times and I think what you lost is the key to your boat?

I thought - he lost a red mustang (like a red 1966 car)?! Not sure how you lose a car but... I think I figured it out.

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Yep I was wondering whether it was a hard top or convertible. I was on three different roads to and from Stockton yesterday and did not notice anything red on any of them, but I wasn't looking for Mustangs.

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My best guess, a RED MUSTANG ( BRAND ) PFD ( PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICE ) life vest with a red kill switch cord attached.

I may be wrong but I think I " BROKE THE CODE " & decifered it !!!!!!!

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Greg Pope, Owner/Operator & Fishing Guide

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