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A friend and I are kicking around the idea of hitting Norfork the first week of April next year in an attempt for both of us to catch our first stripers. I fish for wipers alot during the winter in the KC area but have never caught a striper. I've done some research and it sounds like a lot of it is either accidental catches or trolling cranks and livebait. I'd rather watch paint dry than troll so does anyone have any suggestions on artificials for Norfork stripers and maybe some areas to try in early spring? I'm not expecting anyones secret spots but just point us in the right direction and we'll go fishing and see if we can figure anything out. If we're going to be wasting our time that's great info too so we can just stick to our original plan of fishing Bull Shoals.

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March and April are the magic time for stripers, If you really want to catch one two lakes come to mind that your odds are much higher than Nor. Do-it-yourself Beaver wins hands down, you will need a cast net, 12lb floro line and a hook, Castnet your bait in the coves or buy brooder minnows at HLS in Rogers and just drift the coves with shad in them.

WASHITA is hands down a great lake for bruisers but I suggest a Guide on it.

Either of those two lakes are much better choices than Nor IMO,

Trolling up stripers is a long process and if you do not know how to contour line troll its not very productive, You have to know where the bait is and what bait has stripers on it and be able to troll the contour they are on and work it hard and accurately.

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Norfork is fine that time of year. Zara spooks will work great.


Main lake poitns and bluff up through Hand cove, to Curley Point will hold number of stripers. I have seen several in the mid 30 lb range this year from that area. Thats where I fish on Norfork. I have seen a lot of 20 lb range striped bass from that area too.

If you want huge striped bass them Bull Shoals is the lake, but they are few and far between. but they fish can be anywhere on Bull Shoals and will be in the 30 to 60 lb range. Yes 60 is possible on Bull Shoals.

YOu can buy shad from Norfork, you are not allowed to bring any live minnows on the lage or shad from other lakes.

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