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Quick! Missouri Trout Regs Question.


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I have some time to myself right now. After three years with a phenomenal law firm in Rogers, I made an agonizing decision to leave the firm and will start my new job on January 2nd. I'm going to fish below the park at roaring river tomorrow, and I need to know what license I need. I've done the roaring river thing once before, but it was this summer so I just had to have the simple park pass thing. But C&R season isn't open tomorrow, so I have to fish below the park boundaries. In Arkansas, that would mean license and trout stamp. Is it the same for MO? Is there a single-day trout permit I can get (non-resident)?

I may just spring for the annual deal. Are MO licenses on a "fiscal year" (365 days from date of purchase) or are they on some kind of calendar year? Hopefully someone can chime in tonight. Also, if anyone has any tips about the area below the park they would like to share, or if anyone wants to tag along with me, please let me know. Looks like I'll be accessing near that cemetary, or somewhere along the road before it gets to the cemetary. I'll check this before I hit the sack and again in the morning before I head out.

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You can get a single day non-resident fishing permit for 7.00, you won't need a trout stamp unless you plan to fish the parks diring Winter C&R or you wanna keep a few from the regular management areas.

MO. Yearly permits expire Feb.28 of the following year.

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