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Fishing In The Frost


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Yes we did! Very cold, very risky, and very fun! My poor brother was brainwashed to go fly fishin' with me despite the conditions. We swang by Ozark Angler, where we were looked at kinda crazy, then headed to the boat ramp at Lobo Landing. The previos day I had gotten my truck pretty stuck on an incline not as steep as the boat ramp, but, hey, no risk equals no reward. So, down we went, fired up the jet, and took off. At low or no speed, no big deal, but let me tell you, when you get going in that kinda air temp, ANY skin that is exposed gets flash frozen. We stopped for a while at the top of the trophy area and picked off several bows with sows and small white streamers. Next we motored down to the trophy area to put a bug in their mug. The fish were biting good, especially in one particular area that was deeper and faster. Sow bugs and black/silver zebra midges were yeilding back to back hook ups. All the fish were small but pretty fiesty. Now were cold, time to leave. We hop in the boat, the motor cranks and smokes but doesn't start. I remove the cowling and try again, and the starter catches on fire! That's just everyday boating stuff right there people. $120 to replace the charred starter. It took over an hour to troll back up river to Lobo. The river is very pretty blanketed in snow and there is no one out. If you get the chance, get out and get with the program. Tight lines my friends.


"If people don't occasionally walk away from you shaking their heads, you're doing something wrong." John Gierach

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