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Has Any One Been Fishing?

Sore Thumbs

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Haven't been out this week but did fish last sat and sunday 22nd and 23rd. and the weekend before that and the weekend before that.

Been doin real good with 17 fish in about 5 hours on the lake. Had 4 solid keepers and a few squeakers out of the bunch. Lost about 3 at the boat and missed about 5 bites.

Can not get bit on a crankbait. Beleive me I tried!

All of my fish have been in about 15-20 fow with boat sitting in about 50-60fow, using a strike king pbj 1/2oz F.B. jig with a pumpkin speed craw. Bite is very lite and you have to fish real slow. Been finding them on main lake banks with chunk rock and very fast drop into deeper water.

[ some trees helps.

When you do locate them they seem to be bunched up pretty good.I fished one stretch of bank only about 200' in length over and over and so slow it was almost painful. But this pattern has been good to me for over a month now. If they aren't where they were the last time move around that area as they seem to move daily but only a short distance.

Good fishin to all and a Happy new Year

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