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Got out for the first time this year and headed down to the White with a few friends. Our initial plans were to throw streamers all weekend but the non-existent water flows on the White altered our plans just a little. As it was we spent one day floating the Norfork and another floating the NFOW. Jeff and I stuck to our guns and hucked meat the entire time , although it obviously wasn't going to be the most productive method for the weekend. Fish were caught by everyone , just nothing of the quality we were hoping for. Still a great time out on the water with good friends.

Full TR on the Blog....Jeff



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Sounds like a great trip despite the mediocre fishing. Sorry I missed you on Sunday, Gates asked me to fish, but had a mother in law birthday party to attend. Fun group of guys.

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I was hoping you could make it when Chris called you Justin , been awhile since I've seen you. We did have a great weekend despite the fishing results , but that was partly on us as well. I'm sure we could have nymphed and picked up considerably more action but we decided to stick it out with the streamers. It's that thought of the next cast and what it might bring that makes streamer fishing so enjoyable for some of us.

Nice new place Justin , the takeout with new concrete ramp was sweet! Hope to catch you next time.....

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