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Might Get To Move To Springfield Soon!


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I have 2 interviews down in the Springfield area this week! My buddy said I can already move in with him until my girlfriend finds a job down there so we could get our own place. We spend most of our weekends down there so I asked her why not just move down there? She said she would and I've been looking down there ever since. We would really like to get to the Branson area but the jobs aren't just down there.

Basically it's one of my dreams to move down where I love to fish.

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Can you play a fiddle? Let us know when you get down here and we'll hook for some fishing!

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There are lots of jobs in Branson, problem is they don't pay well and they aren't dependable 12 months of the year. You're better off in Springfield and it isn't that far to a lot of fishing.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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I wish I could play the fiddle. If there were steady jobs in Branson that would let me pay my bills and still play that's all I am asking for. Not there to make a killing. I take a test in stl tomorrow to see what I would start down there.

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