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Who Set Up The Fishing Points?

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I have always wondered who set up the points and made those signs, it is clear they did not fish south of Prairie Creek. You can stand at points 1-8 and see the next sign then you get to point 10 and it is a 20 minute boat ride to point 12 with point 11 being in someone's back yard about 100 yards from any water.(nice house and yard, you deserved a sign)

I have tried to talk to people using these signs even had some fish I wanted to fish during a tournament in front of the point 8 sign and the boater just went right buy them because he had no clue where I was talking about. I was using point 6 for another reference for an out of town angler who just stopped talking to me on line because he couldn't find point 6 on any maps he had.

90% of my best fishing spots are between point 10 and 12 with the point 11 sign not being close to even one, well with the water up I guess that brush pile on the flat about 200 yards across the channel was decent.

With everyone using GPS I guess a sign is out of date for navigation, but reference points for passing along fishing information is useful.

So were these points purely navigation aids in the time before GPS? If so, I can see where it is hard to take a wrong turn between point 10 and 12 unless you run up Montne at point 11, but why not one at Blackburn creek?

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If you want to see a mess with point markers, take a ride around Table Rock. At the confluence of the White and James they go bonkers.

If you want to see how it should be done go to Pomme de Terre. They actually seem to be mile markers from the dam up both arms.

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Nav points, they are not fishing location, AND YES there seems to be no reasoning to where they are. For an OOSER it can be a confusing lake and many get lost and have to ask for directions even with maps and lord help people in the fog on the lake.

It would be nice to have Navbouys that start off #1 at blue springs and go every mile to the dam and have billboards at the mouth of major arms but i dont see that happening.

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