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Baxter Area 2/2


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Fished the Baxter area to the mouth of Big Creek from 10:30-5:00pm. It was different for us I was confident we would catch several with the water color that it was in the main lake. We struggled for 2 1/2 hours until we got our first bite on a jerkbait. We hit different places where the wind was blowing across or against any mainlake point or transition bank and didn't have any luck. Headed to Big Creek and the wind decided to kick up another notch and some places that I wanted to check out was to rough to fish. However, went up a flat pocket with timber and chunk rock transition where the wind was blowing just right onto the inside point of the pocket and slavage our day with 5 keepers the biggest one was a solid 4lbs. All the fish were barely hooked on the back hook. Tried throwing some cranksbaits today where the stained water was coming out of Little Indian but didn't have any luck doing that.

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need some help upgrading electronics small budget looking at the hummingbird in the bass pro flyer 581i hd di 299.99 guestion is will i be able to see my bait when drop shotting as i do now have heard diferent pros and cons also can i run lowrance on front and hummer on console puck on back of boat both at the same time my pain in the neck other old poop keeps wanting to know whats going on when he is in the back though i would get him his own tv screen thanks for ant help

two old poops fishing

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