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Anyone Tie With A Norvise?

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I watched a gentleman tying with the NORVISE this weekend and seeing this vise for the first time I was pretty amazed. After reading a few reviews most mention there is a learning curve involved when using this vise. I use a low end Dyna King which is really nice but would like a true rotary style vise. I know this probably falls into the 'personal preference' category but the NORVISE really isn't mentioned any of the articles I have read on comparison of different vises which makes me a little skeptical. Does anyone have any experience using the NORVISE who could give me some pros and cons?

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There are a lot of good vices out there though. It ain't rocket surgery. I've never tied on a true rotary but I've never felt the need either. Those that do seem to really like them. Like you said: personal preference


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Its an amazing piece of engineering, but I never took a shine to one. I know of a few that has them and like them. I tied a few on them at a fly tying get together one time and did not really care for it.

I have used a Renzetti Traveller since back in the early 90's. I love the rotary feature for some flies and the ability to flip the fly over and see if I tied it the same all the way around. My latest Renzetti is the cam jaw version. It has a screw to lock the rotary down to keep it from turning if you don't need the rotary.

Before that it was a Thompson A vice. I have tied on a Regal Rotary. I like the ability to mount a hook fast but I found the head gets in the way when tying.

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