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Fishing Report 2-19-13

Bill Babler

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Just about as Cold as I have ever been on the water yesterday.

Started from Lilleys' at 8 AM with Trever for some spin action below Fall Creek. One generator running with the lake at 703.

Started out at Short Creek using jig and float with a ginger 1/2 micro jig and it was really good for about 2 passes. That is when the wind started to howl up the river right out of the North. Boat would not drift and just stall and want to spin in the current and North wind.

Switched to a jig head with a piece of gulp PB and continued to catch some, not great, but we did catch one very nice extremely fat 18 inch brown trout, on the gulp. Unusual for me.

Finished the day with crawler rigs and continued to get a bite here and there. Probably about 30 fish on the morning on the conbination of baits.

On another note, there is a log right in front of the condo's just above Short Creek. Have not noticed it before. It is about 1/3 of the way across the lake right in front of the dock. It is just maybe a foot under the water at 703 and it is a big solid piece of wood. Just barley missed it with the trolling motor this morning and could not believe it but a guy came by and slammed it. Lower unit shot out of the water, so this puppy is solid. Watch out for it.

Good Luck

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