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Dang, I Forgot Valentines Day..


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And I did not get my lettuce in the ground.. I walked into a Farm and Home store today and noticed seed potatoes and it hit me.

I am slackin this year. I still have not pulled the mater stakes from last year. Normally on or around Valentines Day, lettuce, radishes, and other cold crops hit the dirt. But not this year, all of my areas are just like I left them last fall.

I have been busy building up wooden wares for the apiary. I have 3 complete new hives built, 3 5 frame nuc boxes built, and 2 swarm traps. I spent Sat making up frames. I cut up 5 dozen top bars for the frames and ripped some lumber down for the sides and bottom bars. New cedar boards are coming next week and I can build some more hives.

The apiary may get larger than I first anticipated. Instead of making honey this year, I am going to concentrate on making bees. I plan on splitting my hives and hope to have 5 or more by the end of the summer. I am also on a swarm list with the local pest control company, who knows what I will pick up there. And I made another contact this week for possibly 5 hives on another property this summer.

As of now, the one hive is making it thru the winter and 2 more small hives are on order for the end of March. Foundation, feeders, and a new bee jacket is rolling in this week UPS. I may not get much fishing done this year either.

I guess I will have to put my glass on my raised beds this weekend to dry them out some. I need to clean up the main garden also. Maybe spread a little lime.

"Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously."

Hunter S. Thompson

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I swore last fall never again and then I got my Burpee catalog the other day and here we go again. I actualy mostly container garden the last 3 or 4 years and I love buying from the local farmers market and I am allergic to tomato plants but I can't stop putting seeds or plants in the ground there is just something about standing in the garden early in the morning and eating strawberries or sugarsnap peas or...............and watching the sun come up........I thonk that next to fishing gardening is the most rewarding addiction there is and I don't think I could live in an appartment

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