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Trailer Cool Hubs

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I've had the oil-filed hubs on my trailer for six years with no problems, and that included dunking them in saltwater for the most of the time. Just before our move from Washington, I had the seals replaced, and 2400 miles later (some at warp speed) with a heavily loaded boat, I had no issues.

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I have considered them, but as an ex-technision rule is grease makes a barrier and if kept packed normally you will never have a prob even if the seal is compromised to some extent. Oil is a whole different beast, once it starts to leak its over. We all know oil and water don't mix. If the seals are not kept changed you run the risk of intermix or running a dry hub.

I use bearing buddies, every trailer I have ever seen uses them and for sure if on a boat trailer for the reason i discribed above. With that said I have heard a lot of folks complain of this problem but I don't know anyone personally nor have I ever used. OTR trucks use them with pretty good luck it seems, but again they are maintained better then some of us opt to. Not all but most anyway.

My moto is don't mess with what works... I need grease for stuff any way, including my outboard, so I figure why have to buy an additional fluid just for that.... In my time working on tractors, big and small trailers, autos and in the military, everything that was greased was always more protected from elements to the friction, as grease has a way higher load bearing to pressure and friction.

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I had oil filled hubs on a trailer and loved it. No issues. Very easy to change oil if needed. I loved I could see the oil level. I wish I had it on my Bass Cat.

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