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What A Week!


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Starting on Saturday of last week, I had let my 3 year old Brittany and my 6 month old Lab out for a little exercise while I worked on my boat. I was heading down to put them up when the Brittany decided to take off with the lab right behind.

Once they were gone for an hour I began driving the roads around my house looking. I spent everyday at some point looking for them, even during the ice storm. Talked with lots of people who were watching for me as well.

I was to the point that I figured they had been picked up or were dead, when I received a call yesterday around noon that they had showed up at a house.

The interesting part is that they had run 15 miles by the way a crow flies from my house... I am so very grateful for the gentleman that called and grateful that they were both ok... They were a little skinny and the Brittany is very skunky but otherwise ok...

No more runs for them unless I have a leash on the Brittany... Also thank God for answered prayers!

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happy for you Moodyfour that your dogs were found! that's a terrible feeling to have, especially for a week! I had a springer just take off like that twice, it was also this time of year, he was a male, and I think his hormones kicked in this time of year and just went looking for a mate? I don't know if there is something to this with male dogs this time of year, but maybe something for guys to keep in mind ! glad yours are safe again! the power of prayer and GOD are so good!!! have a great day !

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I have always let my dogs (Labs) have free reign because it is generally safe to do so where I live, but I have lost every one of them because of it.

One day (for whatever reason) they just decide to go on an adventure and either come dragging in late and injured or flat out vanish into thin air. It's frustrating and heart breaking, but I'd rather not even have a dog if I have to keep him/her penned up for 3/4 of its life.

I want to get a pup this Spring but after 3 such losses in 20 years I'm seriously having second thoughts. I'm tired of dealing with that panic feeling everytime they get out of sight or don't come immediately when I holler for them and gas is too high to be going on massive countywide searches 3-4 times a year.

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To be honest if it wasn't for the Brittany I don't think I would have such an issue... She did this about a year and a half ago and took my old lab with her. That lab never left the yard for more than 5 mins... The new lab is the same. He never leaves my side unless the Brittany is out...

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