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Fish'n Report "plus"


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3/13/13 Arrived River Run at approximately 3:00 PM, could see some current, went down stream. Fished right hand bank before Barker, had 3 nice whites and 1 18 in. walter. Throwing flicker shad. Current stopped by 4 and so did the bite. Went to Barker, fished west and south of Island, along west bank and nothing. Moved to lower side of Barker and fished transition bank without a bite. Saw a guy throwing the A-Rig below me on the mud flat, didn't see him catch anything either. Went back up and fish the bank that I started on.

At approximately 7:00 pm The Shocking Boat passed headed to Barker. I headed back to River Run and found the Conservation set up on the ramp with their equipment to catch their brood stock of walleye for the nursery. I stayed and watched them till 10:00 pm, at that time they had 36 sows and 134 males. Their goal was 50 sows and 150 males (1-3 ratio). The biggest Sow was 24.4 inches with the males running from 15 to 23.5 inches (17-19 was the average). They had two free flowing (drop'n their eggs) sows that they milked there at the ramp (that was pretty cool). They had a table set up with a stainless steel bowl that the eggs were deposited in. They had a 3 ft. rubber tub with 2 electric probes to re-stun the fish so that they could handle them. They collected the sperm from 6 males and mixed it with the eggs. They activated the eggs/sperm with 1 qt of "dirty" water (a substance called Feller's Earth) and stirred the mixture with a turkey feather (the eggs doesn't stick to it and it doesn't damage the eggs). After one hour they drained the "dirty water" and collected the eggs. The two sows generated less than 1/2 a quart of fertile eggs. I was told that 1 quart of eggs equal to about 120,000 eggs. Brad told me that they had received 20 sows and 60 males from Black River below Clear Water Dam. That one of the sows weighted over 14 lbs and that they got 3 1/4 quarts of eggs from that one fish. Was told that Mo stocked approximatey 320,000 frey last year while Ark dumped 280,000. Brad said that they raise the frey to 1 1/2 inches.

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Thank you for the report.

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