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  1. Brown color clearing... the Bull now up 4.88 feet over the last couple of days.... Lots of new bushes to fish.....
  2. Power Site running over with a Lot of Brown water.. BS up 2.45 ft in last 24 hrs
  3. K- Dock ramp will be 6 1/2 feet under..., probably put in off Hwy back up in cove. should be able to put in off road back of camp ground at Beaver Creek
  4. This was yesterday morning 3-19-22
  5. Mouth of Swan yesterday , ramp middle right
  6. Yelp...... both Shadow Rock ramp and River Run ramp are open and useable... no issues of running up to the Dam.. water temp was 44.9 this afternoon..
  7. K-Dock ramp 963.15. If you are the first 2 or 3 boats you can put in unless the 1st guy is a “jerk”....... will only get get better. BS is dropping about 6-7 inches a day...
  8. This was 6-17-20. Shadow Rock is now open.... opened Wednesday morning
  9. K Dock this morning (967.21), lake up 7.21 feet, normally can launch at about 963.00. Lake needs to drop another 4.21 feet. Lake has been dropping about 2 1/2 feet every 5 1/2 days. Should be able to launch and park late next weekend (10/10-11)
  10. When lake drops another 16.65 feet to (663.00). You can put in and use parking lot. Lake dropped 4.03 INCHES Friday, you can do the math, be awhile
  11. River Run and Swan ramps are good, dry and usable.....really clear, can see white/ chartreuse jig in 7-8 feet
  12. K Dock (663.03) is still not useable about 1 foot high. Water still over lower road.. 1 or 2 boats could possibly launch very limited parking. The Bull is dropping 5-6 inches every 24 hours.. usually good around 661.5 to 662.00
  13. Beaver is now usable..(663.03)...watched guy launch with no issues..no water on parking lot..courtesy dock useable, ramp good....
  14. River Run open..9 boats launched there yesterday.... 7-8 wàs there today
  15. Nope..... River Run completely under...only access is ramp at Shadow Rock Park. The Bull has dropped 5.62 inches in last 30 hours.. The Bull is up 9.30 feet (668.30) above winter pool (659.00)..
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