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  1. Your right, that would be the easiest and least expensive way to improve the camping and access experience. but I don’t think that’s going to happen, and I don’t think the USACE really cares how much I like to camp and fish.... 😎 A lot more money to be made in hydro power than in camping fees.... all that said, I’ll move over to Tucker Hollow and hope I can get the boat in and catch a Walleye or two next week.
  2. For the last few years the Little Rock USACE has been spending money maintaining parks so they can flood them all summer, it’s a real money maker for them I love to camp and fish on Bull but again this year my reservations at Lead Hill were cancelled by the Corp because of water level, so if they want to provide a camping experience and run the lake at 680 all summer they should move all their parks and Ramps to higher ground or get out of that business
  3. Thanks for the report, and pictures, I thought about trying a couple of flats but never got to them, I just kept working all my spots along the points, good to know your having success. Will work some flats next time down.
  4. Fished out of Tucker Hollow between Tucker and Diamond City last week for three days. The lake was beautiful, quiet and peaceful as always, not much boat traffic up that way mostly early morning bass fisherman and I think they were doing pretty good shallow on top water bite, later in the morning I saw more boats fishing the points. I was bottom bouncing Main and Secondary points 25 feet out to 40 ft. and I could not get a Walleye to bite, part of the problem was that I could not keep the Blue Gill off the hook. Guess I need to learn how to troll crank baits. Just wondering if anyone is h
  5. Are you familiar with the MO Fishing App, Missouri Conservation Departments app lists all the public fishing lakes in Missouri How far are you from Council Bluff Lake ? All you need is a Tent and plan overnight trips or rent a cabin. I have owned my boat for 18 years Some times it sets for 2 months between fishing trips I keep it inside where it’s dry I use fuel stabilizer religiously Do a good job of winterizing I and have never had a motor issue or battery issue Other than normal wear and tear Good Luck and have fun!!!
  6. Smallest 19” couple of 21’s and a 23” and some fat Gills for good measure
  7. I’ve been using the USACE Little Rock App On my phone for several years a lot of water level info at your fingertips
  8. I’ve never been on Beaver Lake but Bull is going to get really high and the campgrounds I usually stay at are closed now, until 9/30 due to flooding. So figured I would give Beaver a try. Thanks for the reply !!
  9. Will my June Bottom Bouncing techniques that I use with Some success on Bull Shoals work at Beaver will be fishing early June During the week , and is the Lost Bridge area a good place to start
  10. I just received and email from rev.gov cancelling my camping reservations at Tucker Hollow For first two weeks of June. Email said Tucker Hollow Campground would be closed until September 30th due to Flooding. Not Sure what level they close Tucker but sounds like Bull may be pretty high for a long while. I like to stay a few days first part of June to Walleye fish, guess I’ll make a new plan
  11. I happen to like pretty much like all fish, but Years ago I worked with a guy who had a tried and true recipe for just about everything he disliked the taste of and it seemed to work for him. Place one White Bass on a seasoned Hickory 1x4 board, One inch longer than the fish your cooking. salt and season to taste place in oven preheated to 350 degrees for 2 hours remove from oven give the fish to the cat and eat the board. Footnote: Supplement White Bass for anything you dislike. And some people prefer Oak or Cherry.
  12. Got my June Walleye trip in and it was a good one. Weather was perfect for the most part, water clarity was good a little Dingy for Bull but good for fishing, Caught Walleye every day Bottom Bouncing, only 1 or 2 keepers each day 25” the largest 19 to 22 for the rest. Fish were 30-35 ft deep off of main and secondary lake points although I probably spent the majority of my time on secondary points hooked up with several Fat Spots 4 small mouth and an occasional LMB and of course the ever present Monster Blue Gills A lot of bass working the surface Early morning I was tempted but stayed
  13. Thanks for the info!! Weather forecast looks favorable next week so heading that way Sunday will fish til Thursday hopefully I will have some success and can post a report and some good pics of Some BS Walleye Thanks Again
  14. Well that’s good to hear!!! Thanks so much!!
  15. I like to scratch my Walleye itch in June normally the 1st or 2nd week of the month. But I fear I may have to use Benadryl this year. I normally find them in 20 to 25 ft of water in early June, my preferred method of fishing is bottom bouncers with a worm harness. I’m familiar with there normal water level living quarters this time of year and feel confident in catching a few, last year was an exceptional year So doing the math with the known water levels (had to take my shoes off) I’ve Ciphered that the stinking fish are in the brush. Worse than that, I fear that there scat
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