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James River 3/23

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Fished a club tournament Saturday. Let go out of Aunt's Creek. My partner and I fished secondary points in the James from Thompson to Piney. The water was 48 deg with a slight green tint, visibility ~3ft. We threw the A-rig and a jerkbait all day with great success. We caught our limit, including a 7lb kicker and boated at least 30 short fish. The fish were really stacked on the points. Once we got off the main hump of each point the bite died off to nothing. I think these fish are stacked up and staging, just waiting for a break in the weather to start moving back into the cuts/coves/creeks.

Our better fish all came on the A-rig. Our big one was suspended in the top of a cedar in 20 FOW. The cedars were about 5' below the surface. Later in the afternoon we had a shallower bite on the A-rig and jerkbaits in <10 FOW on secondaries and wood helped a lot. Weigh-in was at 4PM and we definitely left them biting.

Mainly used swimming flukes on the rig and our best jerkbait bite was a pro blue RC STX.

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Awesome report. Hope this big fish bite continues up until I get down there in about a week and a half. Hope this foot of snow that got dumped on me melts in time! Jeesh. Again awesome report and congrats on the success.

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