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Going Crazy Sitting At Home

crappie jerk

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I'm with you and I bet everyone is getting stir crazy too. Anyone testing the crappie waters yet? I haven't heard much except out of Bridgeport on TR...they have been catching them there all winter. Hopefully the weather will warm up a bit and we can all get back to what we love. Happy fishing everyone!

Life's way too short not to fish!
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CrappieJerk, was at Little sac last week before the rains and after. Before there were several small white bass males willing to play, after there were a couple small keeper walleye hungry. Should be back to about where the whites are hungry, and maybe a walleye as well.

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i tested the crappie waters this afternoon at the old road bed at 39 bridge on sons creek today. i only fished a couple hours but it was such a nice day i thought id go work off all that Easter ham i ate. ended up with 14 decent keepers up to 12in all but three had eggs. i thew a blk body/char, tail, rage tail grub on a 1/8 oz jig. slow steady retrieve about a foot off the bottum in 6ft. of water seemed the most productive. i caught a few small whites (all males) on a rage tail in tennesse shad color. saw two quality eyes caught off the main channel drop. i'm not sure how much this next cold front will slow things down but my crappie club is going up Saturday and i expect the bite to be good.

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