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Fishing Report Sunday and Monday

Micheal Kyle

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Guess what I finally found some time to go down to Taney and Fish. I fished all day Sunday with a friend of mine and decided that the fishing was so good that I would return Monday at about 3 am and fish untill 9:00am.

Troy And I started off down by the rebar and that is where we fished for a couple of hours. Troy wanted to go on down to the big hole I stayed up in the rebar. All I have to say thats got to be the best 24 hour period on Taney that I have ever had. I was fishing a big scud with a big scud under. When I say big I mean big Mustad 3366 number 12 when they stop hitting those I would tie a San Juan Worm on and take back off catching fish. In the rebar yesterday there were sevral 22-27 inch fish the biggest I caught was a 25". I worked my way down to troy and caught sevral fish on a sculpin. I did have a beast on for a while we guessed him to weigh around 15lbs. I was rigged all day long with 5X Rio Fluoroflex which is 5lbs. When I lost the big fish the hook pulled loose.

Troy and I would return to the rebar where I would hook a big fish about a 27-28" I would have put him on the boga to get a weight but Troy droped the net and he got away we decided that he would have probally been around ten lbs. I went up to outlet 1 to scout out for the next morn. and decided that might be a good spot.

When I would return with Eric at 3:30 Monday morn we started down just from the rebar and started picking fish up on an egg sucking leech purple and black with a peach egg. We had 7-8 fish before daybreak and then we rigged up for the daytime hours and it was hot again. Eric was using a pink egg and picking up quite a few and I was using a pink egg with a scud under and picked up quite a few as well. Around 7:30 we decided to fish the big flat below outlet 1, Eric kept his egg on and I put a sculpin on. Again 5X we had 5 fish that were 7-8 pounds and several that were 18-22". With all the big fish and little ones that we caught I would say that Eric and I both caught around 60 fish 30/man. I had to open the store at 10 so we left about 9:30 am.

I tryed several times to put pics on but could not get them to load up


To Know People Is To Know Thier Ways!

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Hmmmmmmm Michael...let's see...

Yesterday, I yelled at the tv

while watching the Rams get pounded

and then today, I got up early

and came to work.

You, on the other hand,

caught massive trout for two days running.

I don't know...maybe you won. ;)

Rich Looten

Springfield, Missouri

"If people don't occasionally walk away from you shaking their heads,

you're doing something wrong."- John Gierach

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Like I said that was the best 24 hours of fishing I've ever had on Taney. It will probally never happen again. I think that my wife thought I was crazy for wanting to get up early this morn and go back down. When I left the house the Temp was a balmy 19. I told her it would be the pay off day.(LOL)

Who would have ever thought that I would have been right, The last 24 hours reminded me of a trip that a friend and I took down to Roaring River a couple of years ago. We had 30 fish over 6 lbs and the largest one at 12. We started taking pics of every fish because we knew that no one would belive us. You all know how fish stories are they allways get bigger never smaller.(LOL) :lol::lol:


To Know People Is To Know Thier Ways!

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Hey Michael,

I was on the other side of the river after day break in the red Chiefs sweatshirt and hip waiders. The catching didn't let up at all. I did the san jaun worm also and did well but I rolled a peach fly egg on the bottom and everything went wild. Not a lot of big fish but a lot of catchen!! Had one brown about 4lbs that gave me a blood test. What a set of teeth! Stood below outlet 2 for a hour and they liked the peach fly even better. Had a great time!!!

Smiles are free


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I will be coming to taneycomo in early june for two weeks of fly fishing can anyone give me any information on what fly's i should have tyed and maybe how the hatch's are. Last time i was there was in 1997 and i did really good on gold ribbed hairs ear and olive wolly buggers.

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Well first off ...

It was cold!!


no wind, a little fog rolling on the water..


I meet up with Randall from this site..

last but not finally...

FISHING WAS GREAT!!! and we had the water all to ourself.. when we made it back up to our cars there was a truck in the parking lot... but I never did see any lights come on..

We started fish with a lite float by outlet 2 with scuds and eggs.. 30 minutes nothing...

then we change over to a black beaded pine squirrel (Im thinking of a new name for this fly!) and with 5-7 hits in a row we started hooking up...

we carried on till about 3am fishing the guanlet and the big hole.. then moving up close to outlet 1 where picked up a more...

it was slow and cold.. but with the hits we were getting it kept us pushing on by the end of the night Randall caught somewhere close to 15 maybe 20 fish...

Now for the reason of the name change to this fly...

Ive been calling it a "pine squirrel sculpin".. but the name just doesnt fit.. Its not a sculpin!! It does not ride on the bottom.. It stays in the upper part of the water...somewhere around 1in - 2foot.. and if its beaded, its still sink but very slow and at the end of the drift it lifts back up into the middle of the water....

This fly is tied on a TMC200R and is made from pine squirrel... its a very simple fly and yet it is very, very effective...

Some of you guys on this site know the fly Im talking about...

So if you guys want to post your opinion on this go ahead.. or if you want to send an e-mail to me about this fly Im up for it...


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Decided that work was overrated for a Monday, so I headed to Taney to try out some of the midges I received from Fly Swap 2. I arrived around noon and started out fishing a zebra with no takers, after about 30 minutes I started trying every midge I had at every depth. Still no takers. I knew that there were fish there because they were rising all around me. And these little flies were flying all around my head and floating in the water. I just couldn't figure out why the wouldn't take my midge! Yeah I'm not the smartest trout fisherman out there for sure.

After about an hour of no takes on the midge and watching these fish rise I finally decided that I had nothing to lose by throwing a dry. I have never thrown a dry to a trout so my selection was not the best in the world. I finally decided that I would tie on a griffins gnat. It was the smallest dry that I had, probably a size 16. The first cast I landed a beautiful 18 inch bow. What a blast it was actually seeing the take. Reminded me of fishing for smallmouth with a popper only better.

I ended up landing 9 fish losing several more fish and missing at least twice that many. I had a blast. Here are few things that I learned about fishing a dry in that 4 hour period.

1. A griffins gnat will only last so long, so try to have more than one.

2. No matter what you think while standing in your garage loading your equipment, always take floatant with you.

3. When people talk about making sure that the fly is in the trout's feeding lane, they mean right in the lane. Not six inches to the right or left. These people will no longer be considered stupid.

4. Have more than one dry with you at all times.


These were my first trout ever on a dry and I do believe I have found a new favorite way to fish. I'm gonna be a trout bum yet.



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