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Ulrich Marine "just Get Her Done."

Bill Babler

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Just had to have a maintenance day yesterday after 5 hard months of fishing and more than one foul up on my part. My boat is my life, so I try and keep every issue in check and keep the engine serviced on time.

Had a couple of issues this time and had made an appointment with Fred to correct them. With Ulrich, it is never how in the He!!!! did you do that or my gosh that's bad or I have never seen that.

You just never hear that from Fred, Janet or any of the staff. It is, "yes we can fix that. Yes we have that part on hand and thanks for bringing it in. We'll get you on the water just as soon as we can."

I pay what you pay, this is not a political post it is just when locals treat you right and have for almost 30 years, they just like anyone deserve a shout out.

How many times do you try and get something done and the first thing you hear, is We'll have to order that part. You have a Motor guide or Mercury product and go into Ulrich, 99.9% of the time he has got it in triplicate.

As long as I run a boat on Table Rock lake, reguardless of where I got it, it is going to Fred's for service.

Quick Story; I met Fred in 91 as I was working on becoming a guide. Good friend from Shell Knob, was his service manager at Branson West. Dan Langly. Danny told be to come try Fred on a boat deal. Fred handled Champion and BassCat.

Went over and spoke to his sales person. Got a fair deal on a new Champion and went into Fred's office to discuss it and tell him my plans. We visited about the guide business and Fred said I was in for a tough road to hoe. Wondered why I wanted to make fun into WORK. Told him I did and he took that boat deal and trimmed it to a Pro-Staff deal and told me it was exactly his cost on everything. I would direct my clients and potential boat buyers his way.

I told him I was also working with Smithville Marine and Catfish and Joanne. They handled the same lines with the exception they also handled Stratos. I ran all the boats and for me I preferred the 201 Pro Elite Stratos. I cannot ever thank Joanne enough at Smithville. My deal was as good as it gets with Stratos. Full memo with no purchase at the end of the lease period. She would just have me turn it in and have me a new one setting there. I would work sport shows and funnel people her way.

Joanne really wanted a share of the South Missouri boat market and with Heartland fishing a lot down here she would have a foothold, that did sell her some boats.

Fred never took this hard or held it against me. He was always nice and if I had anything go wrong with anything, he would say we can fix that here for you and did more than once and it was on a memo boat.

We are very lucky to have Ulrich Marine and me for one knows it.

Good Luck

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Bought a cranking battery from them 2 years ago during a family trip and they could not have been more pleasant. Was sorry to see they are no longer a Ranger dealer. Too many dealers don't want anything to do with your business if they did not sell the boat.

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Fred has been a BassCat dealer for well over 20 yrs. and can still get ya one. I was going to go thru him and get one just before I made the deal with Greg Wood on my Champion. Greg moved to Phoenix with Gary Clouse and so it was very logical for me to follow him over. I had been with Gary thru Smithville for years on my Stratos boats.

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I'll second that Ulrich Marine is the best people around this area. Fred & Janet knows their way around the marine business. I have went there for a part and 99.9% of the time they have got it on the shelf. OUTSTANDING people.......

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Totally agree with all of the Ulrich praise. It is very rare these days to find this level of friendly knowlegeable can-do attitude. A pleasurable purchase or service experience is always a big plus.

Incidentally Mr Bill what did you damage on that Phoenix? Dang the way you take care of things you must of had some senior moments....just curious

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Really the majority of stuff I did was schedule maintenance. Recalls, on the 2012 merc. filters, and lower unit oil change. Cover tube that goes from the boat to the motor that hides your wiring need replaced and that is a big job. You have to take everything loose. Did have a problem with the steering helm, and the psi gauge. Needed a new connector on the trailer to truck lights, the vault bearing system that was stolen, and another very minor trolling motor issue. Lots of it was warranty, with the exception of the scheduled maintenance and the tube.

It is now virtually Brand New again, and it for sure looks and acts like it.

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I have used them for years and they real nice people

They always go out of there way to help people

regardless weather you bought it there or somewhere else

I wish there was more shops like that and it a shame there


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I agree with you Bill; I made an appointment for my 3 year Evinrude etec service and Janet called a few days ahead to make sure that they had the correct year so they could have the parts that I needed and they could get it all done in a day. Cost was fine too. I used Sport Boat 3 years ago and it was more $$ but I did have a few more things done. It is great that they are here.

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I love to stop by, just to play ball with the pups. Love a dog that throws the ball back to you. And to watch the guy drop the ball so that the female can pick it up and throw it is hilarious. He always has a look like I see in a lot of married gentlemen I know. :have-a-nice-day:

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