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Thanks To Ulrich's


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I have would like to thank Fred Ulrich and say how pleased I am with his Marine Center,One first class act. Had 2 boats go sour two weeks before a large family reunion and took them to Ulrich's, his first question was when are they needed, when I explained he said he would do all he could. They had both boats ready the day before I needed them. They run like new and one was a major break down. Now the topper, the next day we were out on the lake with both boats and I got a call from Fred asking if everything was running correctly and checking up on us, what other very busy man would do that? Again thank you Fred. Roger (Duck ).

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Good to hear we've got a place like Ulrichs to help us out down there. Heard nothing but great things about them. Nice to know my new-to-me boat was boat from Fred a few years ago too.:-)

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Ulrich's are top notch people. I had a fuel pump go out on my boat the day before a tournamment. So i gave them a call and they had one in stock but I couldn't get there before they closed for the day. he hid it in a disclosed location for me to get and use. And said come by later and pay me for the part the next business day

How many shops will do that. I payed him just as we dicussed. I have nothing but praise for them

How many shop will

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