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  1. how and where do I find your message?
  2. Sounds good, can I get your name and phone number some how so he can contact you?
  3. Would you be willing to meet my son in Springfield either Sunday the 14th about 9 pm,or sometime the 17th?
  4. Quill, do you think they were fishing for whites?
  5. Duck


    Sorry, he don't have the extra time, thanks anyway.
  6. Duck


    My son is heading back to Illinois tomorrow. He will be going through Springfield. He said he would go $100 cash on it if you will take that. Could you meet somewhere near Springfield?
  7. Duck


    How much for the grinder? how old do you think it is?
  8. Duck


    Residential grade meat grinder. Vaccumm bag sealer. Log Splitter - 15-22 ton, gas powered.
  9. -11 at 6:30 this morning at Holiday Island.
  10. Can someone explain to me how to add a picture to a new topic? Thanks, Duck.
  11. Duck

    Out Posts

    Does anyone have a recommendation for fly in out posts in eastern Ontario. Thanks Duck.
  12. I have the hound dog and added six 8 inch pieces of window sash chain to it, it will snag the lure just about every time.Duck.
  13. Duck


    The entrance to the park at Eagle Rock is blocked off. Duck.
  14. Duck


    My son is wanting to come down for white bass fishing, does anyone have a report on the Kings or upper White above Holiday Island? Thanks for any info. Duck
  15. Want to buy: Older Chevy Blazer or Ford Bronco. Year range 78-90. Needs to be a daily drive.
  16. Anyone wanting to sell a Savage 220 shotgun? My son is looking for one. Duck.
  17. Duck


    Just wondering if anyone found any white bass after my last post. Duck.
  18. Duck


    My son is planning to come do in a week or so to fish up the White from Holiday Island, can anyone report if the white bass run is on? Thanks for any info, Duck.
  19. I have this like new Minnkota trolling motor but it is power drive.
  20. Duck


    Just a reminder that the 2016 WHITE rIVER bORDER lAKES PERMIT expired Feb. 28. You can get a 2017 on line through MCD.
  21. Duck


    Yes it is still for sale, it is 12 volt. Sorry i have no idea how to post a picture.It is in new shape, very nice. Duck
  22. Duck


    I have a like new Minn Kota Power Drive, 55PD, 45 inch shaft. Came off a pontoon boat I bought. $250.
  23. I have a like new trolling motor I removed from a pontoon I bought. Its a Minn Kota Power Drive, 55PD. 45 inch shaft. You have to see it to believe how good of shape it is in. $300. I'm in Holiday Island Ar.
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