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  1. It’s $5 at the gate. The machine takes cash or credit card
  2. Yes it’s a public ramp. It gets crowded and sometimes the gate doesn’t work, but other than that I’ve never had a problem there. Mill Creek is another option in the area if for some reason POK won’t work for you
  3. Joe bass big bass was 4.89. Winning bag was 20lbs. Sounds like most fish were caught on the arig over trees
  4. Got on the water about 7am Thursday. Found just a few fish on the shaky head biting in front of the flooded brush in 8-10 feet of water. Those fish seemed to vanish after a quick storm rolled through. Thrs evening and Friday morning we caught several keepers working a jig and wobble head on bluff ends. Bites were still to few and far between, so Friday evening we went searching for actively feeding fish in the shallows. We found them in the very back of cow creek. Caught 6 keepers between 5-7pm. All of the fish were in less than 5 feet of water and most were relating to the creek channel. Caug
  5. Bang for the buck - whats the best lure retriever out there? Should I just pony up and get a Tim Horton money pole?
  6. Nice fish. The Broncos gear makes the pics look that much better!
  7. Coyotes at what's up dock doesn't open until memorial day
  8. Anyone have an opinion/advice on the kigan guides vs microwave guides on the ducket micro guide pro spinning rods? Looking to pair it with a daiwa rg reel. Mostly drop shot and weightless plastic fishing. Maybe some shaky head fishing. Thanks in advance.
  9. I have 6 new/never used rods for sale: 2 Lews Mach Speed stick 7’ medium moderate-fast action $65 each 2 Shimano Compre 7’2” medium heavy extra fast action $80 each Quantum Oakley tourney issue 7’ medium heavy fast action $70 Big Bass tour tourney issue 7’ medium heavy fast action $65 Shipping is a pain in the butt, so I want to sell locally. I’m in the stl area. PM me if your interested
  10. Sums up our trip: Was loading up at the port of kimberling ramp about noon yesterday. Had the boat out of the water when i saw James Watsons boat coming around the corner. He had a camera guy on board rolling footage. Watched him catch a short fish on a buzz bait. Then he yelled out to me, "this lake sucks". I agreed back, "today it does" Shot the breeze with him a bit - he was super friendly. Said that short he just caught was the only bite he had all morning. Talked about how tough the lake was right now. toyota results say the same thing - 3lbs got you in the top 30! Didn't fish the
  11. Thanks for the info gentleman. Def gona try a shaky head instead of the tube jig when stupid rigging.
  12. I've had probs with the hook penetrating the plastic at times. I used to cut a 1" slit at the bottom of the tube to prevent this, but that just leads to more hang ups
  13. I'm going to commit to throwing it more this summer. I've had a little success with it in the past, don't feel like I use this presentation as much as I should. ive been throwing it with finess - braid with a 6-8# leader, light gear, 1/8 or 3/16oz tube jig, and 3.5" tubes. My qs for those in the know: Am I missing out by not upsizing my bait/tube jig? Are there conditions that call for a heavier presentation? Any tube jig suggestions? Would like to try it on an ewg hook. I saw big bites and secret lures have ewg tube jigs - any opinions on if one is better than the oth
  14. 1st pictured fish was the 3.58 - this fish had a torn up tail and mouth. Top fish in this post is the 3.17 from this morn. Bottom fish is the 4lber
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