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  1. Lews has gone full blown corporate and lost their collective minds. Since the holding company bought it it’s become less about the customer and providing any sort of service and all about the almighty dollar. Give it 6 months, if that, and you won’t recognize the company.
  2. Bait WrX! Yes they do, whole end cap.
  3. Standby, it’ll be bigger soon!
  4. It’s true. An agreement has been entered into.
  5. The Custom Speed Sticks are nice rods. Plus 5 year warranty, if it breaks for any reason during that 5 yrs $20 gets you a new rod.
  6. I’ve had the opportunity to cast that KVD reel quite a bit. It’s a lot of reel for $139.
  7. There are some Custom and Custom Inshore rods at 50% off.
  8. $60 obo for the spinning rod
  9. I also didn’t sell it to anyone on here if that helps. Good luck with the sale!
  10. I didn’t quite get $750 but I got considerable more than $500. They’re $1300 + brand new plus taxes
  11. 1- LCLSHS Shaky Head Special $75 obo 1- LCBR Custom Crankbait Rod $65 obo I would be willing to make a better offer to someone buying both. Both same as new
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