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08/25/2013 Upper Gasconade Report

Crocker Boy

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The fishing was great, but I was too busy hooking worms for the little ones and didn't get to make many casts. We put in at Schlits Mill and went up above T highway. Saw about 8 other boats up there (mostly friends of mine) and a few floaters. The kids and wife had a great time and caught a ton of bluegill. Wife did hook a good channel cat, but it broke right at the boat (trying to teach her to be patient with them and wear them down, but she knows all there is to know about fishing :enjoying-mah-playlist: ).

Here is the best small mouth I caught that day. It was on an arkansas shiner fluke. He was just shy of 18".

Will be back there in the morning.


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Put in on Private above Riddle, Nobody hardly at all on the water. River has changed since the flood lots of new sycamores in the water. Fishing was good after the rain. Crazy how few people were out for this weekend.

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