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Should I Stay Home Or Go?


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Thinking about going bass fishing Saturday morning. Would only be able to fish from sunrise until about 10. Checked the weather and there is a 50% chance of scattered storms and rain. Im fine with rain but I don't do lightning. Also I don't want to be out there if the water is going to be rough. The wind says 11mph out of the NW. I know a north wind usually gets the lake rolling pretty good but is that a light enough wind speed to be okay? Ill be in a older (mid 90's) bass tracker

P.S. I know you cant catch em without a line in the water but im more concerned on safety with this one..

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The Little Sac will probably be rough since it lays to the nw. I have been fishing there the last few days and it has been kind of slow for me. Fish seem to be about 12' deep close to points but that will probably change.

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If it comes to past, Weatherbug says that the rain will be 5AM to 8AM here. The bad thing is if it's anywhere close to accurate you'll be fishing the backside of a cold, cold front.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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