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Guess What I Did Friday Night!


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A friend came in from Kansas and we decided to check out some fishing.....

Awesome night... nice and cool... water just shut off and we start up top

Its been almost 2 years since Ive been night fishing... YEP... same spots still produce!!

I start off with a shad pattern I tied with the new FlyMens Mask... This was the fly's first time in Taneycomo waters!


first fish of the night was a beauty of a brown 21in....

His first fish of the night was a AWESOME 23incher....... YES IT WAS KEPT DINNER!!

Caught on a purple hibernator.....

we keep switching on and off flies catching fish on just about anything we throw..
He landed a nice rainbow 21in on the newest member of my night fishing fllies Heavy Daze!

We headed to the Gauntlet.. where we both started using the Heavy Daze...
Hits on just about every cast..

Hook ups about every 3rd cast ... I maybe a little out of practice.. or it maybe because its a big fly!

we pulled out 2 nice bows a 22 and a 20 ,, very dark in color..
he caught another brown about at the 20-21in mark...

we caught all different sizes 12-17inchers... once we switched to the Heavy Daze.. we stopped seeing the smaller fish 16-20+

all in all awesome night... we both probably caught about 30 to 35 each,,, we headed up to outlet 2 where I fished about another hour and called it a night I was hurting so bad....
The next morning he texted me a couple of more pictures....
He tore them up all night...

It was a nice mixture of fish.. there were a few people down there..

Here is the one I brought home for dinner!!



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I really like the look of that shad fly. Does it have a name? or is it something that only you tie up.

Nice walleye also.

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