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  1. Completely agree, but I dont think all plastic use is bad, just single use plastic. Youre also right that our recycling programs are a joke. Honestly, I'd pay a few extra bucks a month for a better recyling program.
  2. Received my first dose after Christmas and my second dose mid-January. No symptoms to report for either round, other than a sore arm.
  3. Curious what year the second picture was taken?
  4. I fished the big lake a couple weeks ago around sun down and didnt have a single bite. Never done very good at busch. Would rather stick to the Meramec.
  5. What environmental factors determine whether these fish are able to survive. Is it summer temps.?
  6. Will be pretty tough anywhere with the current crowds.
  7. Hahaha that’s funny
  8. Didn’t look at the breakdown but for a single person it was $52 for general admission and 2 hours of fishing. They charge by the hour. We fished for almost 4 hours though. Very few trout in there. And about as unnatural looking as it gets.....There are some other species though. We've been going as a family since the early 90’s (such a fun place back then when few people new about it) and the fishing section gets smaller and smaller every year. Now it’s pretty much a theme park, fake waterfalls and all. You guys think they turn the power off to those at night? 😂 The guide
  9. Haha yes. I would never normally, but it’s what my dad wanted to do for Father’s Day. We also hiked the park. Despite the dent in the check book it was a good time, there are some huge bass to play with in there.
  10. Yessir! That Longear, I should say, actually came from Dogwood canyon. However, there were a ton of beautiful, bedding Longear on the Mac as well. It’s that time of year for them.
  11. Was able to hit the upper river this past Monday after a few days spent at table rock/the white. Started out early that morning at 5am. Told myself this would be solely a fly fishing day so I packed up my 7 wt. and backpack and left the car and spin rod behind at the low water bridge. I first tied on a sculpin (the ones with the helmet) and was able to get a couple smaller smallmouth to run it down in the shallow water tail outs. The big fish however didn’t seem to pay much attention to this though so thought I would totally change it up. I tied on a popper, placed my first
  12. @Quillback Any idea when this 14 foot mark might happen? Was thinking about coming down next Monday (6/22) for a day to wade fish. Thanks.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think these are a mutation rainbow trout and aren't the true Golden trout that come from California?
  14. That’s a shame to hear. Is there any way to eradicate a species of fish from a stream? Doesn’t seem likely other than just killing all that are caught and even then I would imagine they would come back up from the Mississippi. I know it’s been talked about to death on here before but why are the spots just now (relatively recently) establishing themselves in the Meramec and other Missouri streams?
  15. Dam that really sucks. To think we used to have big smallmouth in stl blows my mind
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