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  1. Me too, though I feel genetically superior fish aren't really needed to make it happen. Unfortunately, the general public and even the MDC don't seem to be on board with what it would take...
  2. I gotta say, Taku Ito is quickly becoming my favorite pro in the elite series. His skill, enthusiasm, and fun demeanor are great. I bet he'd be a hoot to fish with. My girlfriend doesn't really pay attention when I'm watching bass fishing, but this morning she was cheering Taku on with me. Also happy to see Seth Feider win AOY, really like watching him
  3. They were very interested in my thoughts on catfishing, especially on the Mississippi and Missouri rivers near St Louis. Didn't ask anything about bass or other species after the check which species you pursue question. In the additional comments section I did bring up bass fishing, though I don't expect them to care. Specifically, I mentioned statewide restriction of bass fishing to catch and release only during the spawning months. By catch and release, I mean catch-measure-photo then immediate release, not catch then cart around in your livewell all day only to be released after weigh in. With the immense amount of year round pressure the fish face, giving them a bit of a break during the spawn could probably be a good thing???
  4. Very sorry to hear this. My condolences to the family
  5. Looks like they got a ton of rain down there. Not a huge fan of fishing in chocolate milk myself!
  6. Definitely my best performance of the year having had Livesay, Zaldain and Ito fishing today. Wendlandt and Miyazaki were a bit of a disappointment though
  7. Well I ended up keeping him and glad I did. When I looked earlier I think he was at 81st now all of a sudden in 3rd, wish I could've watched the climb live
  8. I enjoy throwing big baits and have quite a few swimmers that were pretty expensive, but this is crazy
  9. A pirate would never lie!
  10. Ah Vietnamese farm raised catfish, also known as swai, pangasius, or basa. It's a decent, mild fleshed fish, but very different from the somewhat pricier American farm raised channel cats. There are a lot of places that sell this less costly fish under a more well known name, often grouper, which is ridiculous. If you are eating a grouper sandwich somewhere that only costs $8.99 it either isn't grouper or the restaurant is losing money. Sorry for the rant
  11. I'm pretty confident in my lineup, but really on the fence about keeping Zaldain
  12. Glad you guys caught some fish and enjoyed the meal! Makes me want to plan another trip to Charleston
  13. I've never been fishing with him but he was one of the people a friend of mine down there recommended previously. Ended up going with Jason Davis last time and had a lot of fun. I'm sure you'll have a blast out there. Also, if you are on Isle of Palms try to eat at Acme Lowcountry Kitchen, its really good
  14. Looks like a great time! Enjoy Charleston, its an awesome place. What guide are you using for your redfish trip?
  15. Not sure I'd even call this an "accident. More of a blatant, and complete lapse of judgement on the boater's part that could've been easily avoided. He's lucky this f-up didn't cost him his life. I'm not really a tourney guy so what do I know, but the way some people take off and run down lake is downright dangerous, and a little disturbing.
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