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White's Creek Or Greenbriar Float Campground


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Howdy everyone. I will be headed to the Eleven Point River next Friday for a 3 week solo float/hunting trip. I'm bringing my 16 foot cataraft. I'm putting in at Whitten and going to set up camp either at White's Creek or Greenbriar Float Campground. I realize White's Creek campground has a trail up to the top of the ridge inside the Irish Wilderness. Looking at the topo maps it looks like Greenbriar also has a trail leading up into the Irish. I am wondering which is a better campsite. One of the reasons I was kicking around Greenbriar is it is farther away from the main trail and I figured I might see fewer folks in the woods. However if the trail up to the top of the ridge is not a decent trail and you think it would be better at White's Creek please let me know. Thanks for any thoughts or advice. I'll be bowhunting and taking in the opening weekend of the rifle season. Also bringing my fishing rod! :)

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I'll be paddling and floating in a cataraft, so it's all down river for me anyways. I am launching at Whitten and Brian is going to shuttle my vehicle down to Riverton. If I get a deer or two (hopefully) and it's too warm to hang them (which is probably will be) I'll float down and take them to a locker somewhere and then go back up and put in at Whitten again and pay for another shuttle. Thanks for the advice guys!

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My cataraft has 1100 pound load capacity. I took it down to the Lower gauley river in West Virginia 2 weeks ago and it handled the Class IV and Class V rapids really well. Of course that was empty.

Here's a few photos from that trip to give you an idea of what it looks like. Great fishing boat as well.














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That looks like fun. Have you taken that boat out west? Looks perfect for Green River below Flaming Gorge.

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