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Fall Feed Bag Strapped On?


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Who doesn't?

Joe is like a jig master. Can't explain his method, doesn't know how he does it, and he flat catches fish on a jig.

Need marine repair? Send our own forum friend "fishinwrench" a message. 

He will treat you like family!!! I owe fishinwrench a lot of thanks. He has been a great mechanic with lots of patience!

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I haven't been up the WE arm since summer, but If I was going I'd probably try a Wiggle Wart around chunk rock banks - try and position your boat parallel to and near the bank so you can keep that Wart in contact with the bottom/rocks for as much of the retrieve as possible, I'd also want some wind on the banks if I was going to fish the Wart. Texas rigged tubes have been working for me lately, work them around laydowns, bluff ends and chunk rock. Hop the tube back to the boat, or slow drag it, keep bottom contact. You might also try a jig around timber, I've talked to some guys on Table Rock who have been picking up largemouth working a jig around pole timber, but they are swimming the jig for suspended fish rather than working it on the bottom. I'd also throw a jerkbait around.

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Ugh, it was a rough day. I fished from about 11 to 4 with zero bites. I froze my rear end off. I needed to get out and run the boat anyway since I had the impeller bearing replaced. Boat ran great.

I fished a wiggle wart mainly along with a jerkbait and a jig. At one point I hooked some debris and felt my wart go dead so I started cranking it in fast to clean it off and fire again. A giant chased it all the way in but turned around right at the boat. That was as exciting as it got all day. I did see a good 8 point swimming across the lake and getting out of the water right in front of me. That was pretty cool.

Water temps were around 46 at the natural springs ramp and down to 45 the farther I went up the war eagle. Water was a lot muddier up the creek arm too. Didn't see anyone else fishing, but did see a couple of guys with a flatbed trailer full of christmas trees and a boat. I should have followed them!

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I am hearing shallow with jigs and square bills. I am ready for the 30 fish days :-)

The 30-fish (and then some) days are here. Just gotta go one lake downstream. :)


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