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The Big M 11/19/2013


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I spent most of the day working for fish, caught about 10, with maybe 6 being keepers. Caught several 2 lb. spots, all of my keeper sized fish were spots except for one smallie. The fish were hard to find, I spent a lot of time fishing areas that should be good this time of year and getting nothing. But every so often I would find an area they liked and pick up a fish or two. Small cuts in bluffs, bluff ends, and a mid-cove bank were the spots where I found fish.

The tube again was my #1 bait, with a couple coming on a Fish Doctor.

Lately I can't catch a fish on a jig, but did talk to another fisherman who had picked up several on a jig today.

Water temp was 58-59.

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What's a Fish Doctor?

Goes by a couple different names like the turd worm, french fry or even centipede. All basically one in the same. A real do nothing 4" stick worm. The Fish Doctor is made by Zoom Baits. Most guys throw it on a small carolina rig set up or split shot set up.


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When I use a Fish Doctor it means I'm really desperate.

Hey now! Some of my best days on the Rock were dragging a C-Rigged Fish Doctor! What does that say about me as a fisherman....am I desperate and any idiot can catch them on the turd worm? lol. I guess the word Desperation usually personifies my style of fishing.

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I was only referring to myself as far as being desperate :lol: . I want those silly looking little things to work, it's just so hard for me to have any faith in them.

60% of the time they work every time. lol.

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