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Dutch, I haven't heard a peep from anyone on crappie fishing. Cold weather and deer season combined with wind and more wind I think has slowed the fishermen down, don't know if it slowed the fish or not though!

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Been chasing Mr Bighorns for the last three weeks. Will be headed to Pomme tomorrow. Here's the typical winter pattern, which they are in: Fish channel edges 15'-30' of water just off the bottom. The edge of the channel around bends, bluffs or the ends of bluffs are good. Although no structure is needed for this kind of fishing (shad in the channel will hold them there), a few logs, rocks or brush will help congregate the fish. Your other option is to focus on brush piles in 15'-25' of water, typically they are suspended around the brush. Good luck and give us a report!


Have your visited Limitville lately?

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