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Christmas Trip, Looking A Little Warmer

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I just figured out that I am going to have about 4-5 days in a row available to take a fishing trip over the Christmas Holiday. I live at Lake of the Ozarks and could just stay home and Crappie fish but I would like to venture out and try to find a little warmer weather, not thinking about going all the way to the coast or anything. Will be planning on taking my X19 Xpress and both Bass and Crappie gear. Just looking for any suggestions.

I have thought about Grenada or Sardis for Crappie in MS - Average temps seem about 10 degrees warmer than here in the Winter.

I have thought about Cedar Creek in Texas or some other texas lake - again thinking not more than a 10-12hr drive and an average normal weather pattern "above freezing" around the holidays. I will keep my options flexible and if a "cold front" is moving into one area I might look a different direction or might just stay home and be cold on my own lake, LOL.

I am open to any suggestions and would apreciate any feedback on some good crappie lakes. I will also be Bass Fishing but would like to target some big Crappie first.



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Gave up on trying to fish out of the new Xpress and just going to burn some Frequent flyer miles and head down to Miami for some Peacock Bass, LM Bass, a day of Bonefish and hopefully a few Tarpon if they have moved in by 12/20.

Will be my first time fishing for all but the LM Bass!!!!


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