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The Big M 12/01/2013


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Got to the lake at about 8:30, cloudy day with no wind at all. I worked some docks with jigs, didn't get any bites, switched to a tube a picked a couple up. I then tried a couple of coves, picked a couple more up on the tube. Threw a jerk bait and crank bait for a bit also, nothing but a dink on the JB.

Later in the afternoon, I broke out the 5" Slim Senko, T-rigged it and started fishing it on steep, chunk rock banks, I immediately started picking up fish, unfortunately I only had half a bag of Senkos and after 3 spots and a few bites I was out of Senkos. I moved to another section of steep bank, tied on a Zoom Centipede in green pumpkin and picked up a few more fish on it, by then it was 4 PM and time to head for the barn.

Ended up with a dozen bass, 2 keepers. I think that if I had started the day fishing steep banks with the Senkos and Centipedes I would have caught more fish.

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Also fished Sunday with a good friend and newbie to The Rock. We launched at daylight at SK bridge and also fished til about 4 p.m. Fished downstream as far as Baxter. Flattest day I have ever seen on TR, including hot summer days. Just not a breath of breeze at all. Clouds or no clouds, that doesn't help.

Like Quillback, we ended up with about a dozen and we worked h-a-r-d for them. Caught one on a Wart but otherwise it was shaky head with a Zoom finesse worm in watermelon candy or green pumpkin candy. The latter seemed to be better considering how dark the skies were. Probably had five keepers. Caught them mostly on steeper main-lake banks with chunk rock.

In my opinion, sky conditions are important on our White River lakes but wind is the most critical factor. Without it, you're gonna work your tail off for whatever you manage to catch.


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