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Taneycomo Quick Afternoon Trip Report

Phil Lilley

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Steve Dickey and I boated up past the Narrows (about a mile above Fall Creek) about 2:30 this afternoon and fished till 4:30.

Water was off but moving out and slight current the whole time. Slight breeze from the south- partly cloudy- couldn't have asked for better conditions.

We fished everything under a float, fly rod and spin rod. Fished small jigs between 1/100th and 1/50th ounce, 6x tippet. Depth varied between 30 inches and 5 feet.

Best colors were brown, sculpin/ginger and black/olive. Lighter colors didn't work. Best fly was a #14 red Zebra Midge with nickel wrap and bead head fished 30 inches deep. Oregon Cheese Miracle fly did well too.


Starting about 3:45 the surface came alive with midging rainbows although we couldn't see what was hatching, if anything. We saw schools of trout in tight areas and they seemed to be fresh stocked rainbows. A lot of dark males. The ones be themselves turned out to be larger and more colorful rainbows.

Steve fished a orange Zebra and a black with copper bead head and did well too. We caught a lot of rainbows but nothing over 13 inches.

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  • Root Admin

If I didn't have to deal with the fresh snow I was going to try to get down there yesterday. Nice fish.

We didn't get any of that snow.

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