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New Old Guy From Emerald Beach


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:have-a-nice-day: I am glad to meet all of you, probably fished with some of you in the past. I fished tournaments at one time now I just do it for fun. I am originally from Joplin and lived in Carthage for many years. I now live on Table Rock. I am 82 and have been fishing since I was 6, starting on Shoal Creek. I was in clothing manufacturing and retired in 91 due to health problems. I owned and operated plants in Mo., Ar. and southern Miss. moving back here from Miss. in 93. I really enjoy reading about all of you and hope I can make a meager contribution to the forum. Thanks for allowing me!

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I will ask her if she knows or heard of you. She had not lived there for several years she became a executive for a international food company and lived up in Minneapolis for several years. Her last name was Swingle.

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