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Norm M

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After a week of barely any fishing and too many funeral homes and hospitals , fighting with mechanical devices and the like , I had to get out or go under .

Simple was what was needed so I grabbed some fluke jrs, circle hooks, couple crappie size spinnerbaits, small jigs/ plastics, the ul and headed for the cricks.

First was a tributary of tributary, water was lower and clearer than I thought it would be . I started with the fluke jr nose hooked on the circle. That worked well enough that I never bothered to change. Smallmouth and rock bass about the size you expect from such water but they were willing . Front and back of riffles for the most part , the rest around woody cover. No one else in sight, talked to the birds and squirrels until they ignored me for lack of intelligent conversation.

Next up hit a different tributary that flows directly to the river, this one was higher and murkier. The fluke got a decent rock bass and was thereafter ignored. I switched to the jig/small plastics got rock bass, sunfish and some nice sized chubs No smallmouth to be had. Pools were far and away the best bet, riffle areas so/so . Action while slower was steady enough to keep me going .

On the way home, decided to give the river a shot, it's close to normal flow but normal flow is 7000 cfs . Water temps low 50's by that time in the afternoon. I put on a Wart, hit the seam where the creek meets the river . a couple smallmouth 15 inch range . I moved to a spot with slower flow fished the wart upstream . One smallmouth, the same size as the other two . Called it a day , ham with all the fixings awaiting me at home .

what a long strange trip it's been , put a dip in your hip, a glide in your stride and come on to the mother ship , the learning never ends

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