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LOZ Crappie


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I am taking the wife and daughter down 3/30 - 4/1 for some crappie fishing.  Can anyone give some advice as to what is going on.  I want to get the ladies on some fish.  Also is there a place on the west side of the lake to get minnows?  I am staying at Red Oak.



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I was out middle of last week on the Glaize for a couple hours. We casted to some of the usual spots on rock banks and deeper brush that we find crappie on typically. We had pretty poor luck until we moved to some docks.  They seemed to be way up under the floats as far as you could shoot the jig. Depth varied and we caught them at various depths as the jig was falling. I used a blue/silver bobby garland and by buddy used a black/chart slab buster. Both produced equally well. 

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You should be able to catch some.  Kind of in the late pre- spawn pattern.  You'll be able to catch fish as they are starting to transition to the shallower water.  Though I have trouble finding any size to these.  Females will probably stage in deeper water.  


Van Hooks isn't too far from where you'll be staying.  



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Good to hear Van Hooks is still around. That was the first place that ever sold me beer, and minnows of course. 

Same here! Love that place. Hundred minnows every time! On the way to my great aunt's lake house. Shame they bypassed old highway five

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