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Better of flying a kite

Dan the fisherman

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I got out of HC and fished near point 12 for bass today.  I got 3 bass on the A-rig and was happy with that.  I wanted some meat for the table so I went up river and found a nice school of fish.  I got my spread out and got hooked up immediately to a white and a few minutes later to another.  Right about 15 mins into it the wind picked up something fierce!  I tried to keep at it but with 3 foot waves made it to difficult so i have up and headed home. The wind was tuff all day but right at 4 it just kicked up another notch.  That was my sign to make back to dock ( very slowly). Lol.  Like I said in the title, I should have stayed home and flown a kite. Wind was so tuff that my hair look like the girl from "something about marry"


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I put in Friday at PC. Same thing Dan said happened to me. We put a couple of nice LM in the boat and then all of a sudden the wind picked up and we switched into SS Minnow mode.

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