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4-7-2016 Eagle River


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I made the 2 hour trek from Denver to the lower Eagle river today.  Bluebird Skies, warm temps, and warming water.  There was some wind in the begining of the afternoon, but not enough to make me pack up and leave.  As I drove down the outer road following the river, the level was low  and the claridy was clear which is perfectly fine with me. As I got further down from Wolcott however, the a side creek was dumping in a TON of dirty water.  When I finally made it down to my final destination, the whole river was off.  I fished anyway.  Seems it didn't bother the fish one bit.  Large midges #16's, #16-18 BWO's and sporadic caddis made up the fare for the day and the fish responded.  I nymphed for a while and managed to pick up a few fish, but decided to switch to a dry dropper because of the water the fish were holding in, a dry dropper worked much better.  The average fish was 16-18 inches, fat, happy, and healthy.   I would have take some photos, but I forgot my net at home, and its rather difficult to grab photos with a DLSR and no net.  Also saw a mink with a fresh catch of a 12" rainbow for breakfast.  All in all a great day with some needed time on the water.

There are two types of people. Those who dream dreams and wish, then there are the do'ers. I am a do'er!

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