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Trolling Motor For Sale

Robert Haynes

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I bought another boat with larger trolling motor and stripped down my previous boat to sell off parts since engine was blown. The trolling motor below has been used about 10 days a year for the last 8 years and works perfect. I bought it new. I am going to list it on Angie's  List around Lousiana and Louisiana Sportsman Classified in a couple weeks for $925.00 which would include shipping. To avoid the hassle of boxing and shipping, I will sell it locally for $800.00. This is a saltwater trolling motor and it is easier to sell on the coast. It does NOT include the batteries. I live in Rogers, Ar if anyone wants to take a look at it. 

Minn Kotta Riptide ST 24 volt, 60 inch shaft, 80 lb thrust with I-pilot and remote control. I bought it new about 8 years ago and it works great.


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32 minutes ago, Robert Haynes said:

I am going to list it on Angie's  

You might have better luck on Craig's List. Just sayin.

The Louisiana Sportsman Classified list is a great idea.

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You are right, Craig would do better than Angie. Our company advertises with Angie's List so it is on my mind. It's funny (or not) how you can read and check your post 3 times before you submit but you have to hit the button to find the mistake. 

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