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last two trips

merc1997 Bo

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fished three hours monday night 8-11.  caught 5 keeper kentuckies and all of them came on a 1/4 hair jig  depth was 10 to 15 feet.  water temp was around 57,  everything came off main lake bluff.  tried a few coves but could not come up with a bite in any of them. 

fished last night from 7:30 to 12.  had 15 keepers and nothing better than 2 3/4.  did catch 4 of the keepers in a cove, but that one cove was the only one i got a bite in.  the rest of the keepers came off a blufff.  bites last night had scooted up and were mostly 6 to 12 feet deep.  5 keepers came on a 1/4 hair jig, and the rest all on a 3/8 skirted jig.  water temp was 60.  so, water temp can make a difference in the bite.

the friday nighters and wednesday nighters brought in some really nice bass.  good to see those 5' and 6's showing up again.  there was lots of busting activity out in the lake both nights, and that is a good indication that many bass are off shore.





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Saw a few bass doing some busting off shore yesterday AM, but just a few amongst all the carp flopping and gar rolling.  Not enough for me to get interested in chasing them, but I sure am looking forward to the top water bite when it gets going.

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